As the Official Ambassadors of Light we are dedicated to creating a world of true equality for all.

The Council of Light and the entire team welcome you home to the family with open arms. We ask that you keep an open mind and heart, as we share with you the secrets to reality. We are here to free you from the pains and limitations of the past, so you can enjoy your future - doing so NOW.

Through our courses, coaching and our membership portal, you will discover the answers to all of life's questions...

The entire team are continually working towards creating a brighter future for all lifeforms upon this beautiful planet we call home. A world governed not by fear, but by Love.


If you are fed up with the old and repressive ways of life and looking to evolve within yourself, at the same time as enriching the lives of those around you; we welcome you home with Love, Joy and Excitement. 

The rest of your life starts NOW and we are here to provide you the KEI to unlock a world of infinite potential within.

Join our loving family within The Portal, our divine membership platform and let's elevate together.

Meet the Ambassadors


Welcome Home Divine Soul

The Portal is home to some truly amazing souls. It is a safe space to connect with likeminded people from around the globe. An online community built from love. A place to support and uplift each other, and most importantly a safe space to be your truest most authentic self. To share your deepest desires, dreams, and souls’ purpose with others on the same journey. A place of love, understanding, support, and harmony.

The Portal is the ascension gateway between this realm and the next. A database of spiritual wisdom and ascension knowledge and the only place you'll ever want to be. Your home away from home.



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United we Stand & Together we Rise


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Kaine has dedicated his entire life to making the world a brighter place for all.

He is the creator of the Official Ambassadors of Light Family; the founder and Director of GreatestVersion.club; and one of the original chairs at Co-Create Global Charity. 

Kaine is a very passionate and talented Content Creator and world class Inner Completion Master. He’s a world-renowned Soul Coach and a true Visionary Leader. Kaine believes in a world of true harmony and equality for all.




Energy Mastery III

When you live a soul-led life, it is as if you are living in heaven on earth.

Learn the ancient secrets to the universe and follow your internal guidance back home to yourself.

Everything is energy. Become an energy master!

Energy Mastery

Sharing the Love


"Stop what you are doing right now and make the choice to invest in yourself and your bright future by joining the Ambassadors of Light family. This was by far the best decision I have made in my life so far, to join the online community and do the work with Kaine. I have been working with Kaine for a couple of months now and my life is almost unrecognizable compared to before. I used to suffer with unbearable physical and emotional pain, PTSD, addiction issues and anxiety. Kaine can remove all of these things and so much more and help you replace them all with love with is the answer and the key to everything. Your life will change and be even greater than you can even imagine right now all you have to do is let Kaine be your guide and show you the way. Kaine is by far the most monumental and important person I have had in my life that helped me find my true self and to feel truly confident and radiant in my own skin.

This man is a King of Kings!!! Kaine I love you always and forever xoxoxo'

Chelsea Tuckwell.

Events Manager and Fundraiser Coordinator

Christine Singsaas

✨Divine Channel, Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Reader, Light Worker, Starseed

Indescribable and Amazing

Indescribable and Amazing So far I have worked through most of Kain’s grounding course and have had one individual session with him. The growth and expansion that has occurred as a result, in less than a week, has created a monumental impact in my life for the better! The awareness and clarity, along with the peace and self-love are truly indescribable. I encourage anyone who feels drawn to work with Kain to do so! Having the experience to connect and learn from Kain is truly a gift. He is an amazing coach! I am so incredibly grateful that I can do this work with such an amazing soul like him!


Manuella Watts


Creatrix of Love, Beauty and Abundance; Twin flame Ascension Guide

I am deeply grateful for doing my soul work with Kain. After many years of struggling with clearing fear and anxiety subconscious programs on my own, having his guidance was priceless.

His calming and protective energy allowed me to dive deeper than ever before to quickly identify and remove blocks.

His exceptional NLP and intuitive skills granted me the KEI to confidently surf my inner troubled waters and transcend it to a still body of water that can now better reflect the beauty of cosmic lights of Love.

Together we rise, united we stand.


Maggie Fromm

Life Coach, Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Leader.✨

Over these past few weeks I have been working with Kain and it has been transformative. He has a beautiful connection to Source and is very in tune. We have been doing timeline therapy to help heal various limiting beliefs in my past and his guidance has been incredible. I feel so grateful to have been connected to such a beautiful Soul with such amazing gifts. My life has definitely improved since working with him and I feel my energy is clearer and lighter from letting go of old energies. He is authentic, professional and truly gifted. If you're looking to seriously change your life, contact Kain! I look forward to continuing on this human journey with you, Kain. Thank you for all you've assisted me with! xoxo

Are you ready to discover the most aligned, connected, and blissfully abundant you?


Then now is the time to contact Kaine and start the soul connection & evolution work together. 

All the answers you seek are already within you. Kaine is simply a guide. Yes, he is one of the best guides and spiritual channels on the planet, but he is still just a guide. He will show you the door and provide you with the key; but only you can open the door and set yourself free. 

As with everything, it is entirely up to you...

Book a call, pick up the key and use it to unlock your dream life today. Or don't, it's that simple.

Choose love not fear!
Meet Kaine


Love is the foundational frequency of the Universe. I have discovered how to embody and use this unconditional love to create my dream life. I can now offer you the same!

We came from one singularity, to return collectively to whence we came. Returning to unity within the self is what will create unity within everything else.

This completion will only come once we've collectively embodied the truth of who we are. The truth that we are all one, that we all desire and deserve happiness and prosperity in life, and that love is the glue that unites us all. Love is the key that will unlock a world of unlimited potential within and set us all free!

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Love is all we need!

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