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My name is Kaine Stromberg and I am here to change the world. 

I am a Spiritual Guide, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher & Inner completion master.

 I work at the level of the Soul, which is why the transformations I will bring you are so deeply powerful and profound. A lot of the techniques and information I have at my disposal come from a higher power, received during deep trance like meditative states of consciousness. As well the divine information I channel from source, I also utilise my qualifications and background in NLP and Mental Health Awareness to create everlasting changes within the private sessions I have with my clients. This is the reason everything I create is so powerful, unique, and lifechanging beyond what words can express.

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 Start living your dream life today by investing in yourself and allowing the universe to do the same. All you need do is make a small investment within yourself today and you begin to vibrationally attract to you everything required to create the life of your dreams. In life you get what you give, what you are, what you vibrate at; this is the simplistic truth to the law of attraction. Whatever frequency you vibrate at is what you will receive from the Universe. Invest in yourself, embody this self development frequency of being and the rest is already done!




When you live a soul lead life, it is as if you are living in heaven on earth!


As well as the Energy Mastery 111 Workshop, you gain access to all our patron only online courses. As well as this you will meet your soul family inside The Portal chat room. You will be invited to live group call and connects and asked to share you knowledge within the online forum.

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Become An Energy Master

Be grateful for all that is, was, or ever shall be, and express this verbally, as well as writing it down. The creation of a daily gratitude journal created one of the biggest shifts in my ability to achieve all my dreams in life. It all starts with you and being grateful for what you already have allows for more of the same to be experienced. This is the law of attraction in simplistic terms.

Filtering and removing the fluoride from your water, as well as using a fluoride free toothpaste will instantly raise your vibration and decalcify your pineal gland (your third eye Chakra). Fluoride speeds up the calcification process of your pineal gland, effecting your ability to see the truth clearly.

Upon my journey these two simple techniques were by far the most powerful ones in raising my vibration. Thank you Kain. This course changed my entire life “Energy Mastery 111”

Jess Hitter.

Co-Creation Chief Editor.


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Learn the truth to reality and how to use it to your advantage.
The ancients knew about universal prana life force energy and utilised it to their advantage. How else do you think the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids to such precision and mathematical accuracy? 

It is my honour to now bring you the opportunity to do the same, through learning how to master the energy that is all around you! 

The only question now is, how much do you really want it? 

Here are just a few of the many powerful topics covered in this cutting-edge brand-new course.

✅ The truth to being an empath & how to use it to your benefit.

✅ Learn to control your feelings & emotions.

✅Full Chakra balancing and energising.

✅Escape the past & create your future today!

✅Take back what is yours. Reclaim your energy.

✅Escape the Matrix & live in the 5D.

✅Learn how to raise your vibration and why it's so important!

✅The truth to the law of attraction.

✅Personal empowerment techniques.

✅Experience unconditional love.

✅Done at your own pace, in your own time, within your own safe space.

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✅Beliefs dictate your life. Believe you can or believe you can't, either way you're correct.

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This is the most powerful course ever created for one simple reason. It is made using brand new, never seen techniques and information that is received during deep trance-like meditations. This course will teach you in an easy to understand and utilisable way, the very fabric of reality and how to use it to your advantage. Learn how to control the energy that is all around and inside you to create your dream life in all ways. 




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Learn the ancient secretes required to manifesting the life and world of your dreams.

Energy Mastery

If you are not ready to invest in yourself yet, please use the information below to increase your energy and happiness in life today. Hey, Why not!



  2. Learn to say no and yes when you want to.
  3. Create something outside yourself that started with a simple thought.
  4. Ingest only top-quality information, as well as foods and liquids.
  5. Filter your water.
  6. Practise meditation and mindfulness daily.
  7. Live with purpose and conviction.
  8. Exercise and embrace movement. Flowwwww.
  9. Ground and earth to remove excess and unwanted energies.
  10. Create silence and a space to sit and reflection.
  11. Spend time around moving water and flow away any weights of old.
  12. Get away from low vibe people or those who drain you.
  13. Practise kindness for others and for yourself.
  14. Hugging and physical contact. With other people, animals and plants.
  15. Look for positivity in all you experience in life and experience positivity as a result!
  16. De-clutter your surroundings to declutter your mind.
  17. Set intentions, this pure water, this green tea, this meal will x,y,z. This is the most important one of all, as it’s the reason any of it works. It is your will that creates it so. Try adding gratitude to the mix as an added boost in raising your frequency and happiness levels.
  18. Bless all foods, people, and experiences, aligning with the truth that every experience is happening for you, never to you. Life and everything in it are for your expansion of consciousness and the raising in your vibration.
  19. Crystal and universal healing, as well as inner shadow and parts integration completion work and favourites of mine. It’s what I do a lot of with my clients.
  20. Removing the old to make way for the new. So, let go of your old, limited view of the world and choose to invest in yourself. It is time to choose you and create your dream life in all ways. The rest of your life starts today.



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As well as the Energy Mastery 111 Workshop, you gain access to all our patron only online courses, access to the back stage area of the site (kept for the content too out there to share on socials and daily downloads as we receive them). As well as this you will meet your soul family inside The Portal community chat platform. This section is subscription bases and you will gain lifetime access included in the purchase of this course!

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