Grounding Into The Power Of Now

Apr 25, 2022

The Importance of grounding

And power of NOW


Simply take a deep breath in, and out,,, in,,, and out,,. Watch the breath, Be the breath, you are not the breath! You are the watcher of the watcher of the breath, grounded in NOW. Now is the only time that ever exists and any time you live grounded into this present moment you are truly living. As well as the Grounding course we have included our abundance course as a bonus. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a private 1on1 session with Kain. In this he will ensure that you have fully integrated your new leanings and internal changes. He will also discover your internal map and the way you view the world. This will give you a better understanding about why you like or dislike certain things in life, or why you have adopted certain limiting beliefs or behaviours. Only once we discover something is there, can we then work to remove or change it!

 Everything that exists is energy vibrating at different frequencies, and yet again I will refer to energy as water as this is the way I interpreted the information gifted to me by source. So, you are a body containing energy! If your energy becomes polluted or discoloured, it will remain so until you have used up that old energy and brought in new clean fresh energy. Or you can ground and cleanse yourself and perform this process in a matter of minutes instead of hours, or sometimes days, or even weeks. A tree grows tall and strong, able to withstand the storms of life because of its deep and extensive root system. A tall building requires a strong and stable foundation to be built upon. A person who is grounded within themselves, to the earth, and in the present moment of NOW, can stay calm and easily deal with all of life's issues. Now is the only time that exists and grounding yourself into the present moment is a very powerful tool to assist in the journey we call life. The past is gone, and the future is uncertain! Focusing your attention on either of these times takes away your connection and experience of the current moment. Any time you deny Now by choosing to focus upon the past or future, you are denying reality itself. The only real time that ever exists is now! Yesterday it was yesterday's now and tomorrow it will be that version of Now!

Grounding or earthing is a therapeutic technique that focuses on aligning your electrical energy by reconnecting to the earth. Grounding can be performed inside or outside, with or without grounding equipment.

The term grounding is also referring to when we ground the electricity in a house or car to the earth.  Did you know that you have an electrical current flowing around our body? To ground to the earth allows any excess or negatively charged energy to drain safely into the earth, where Gaia will recycle it into something new. Grounding the electrical current flowing around a house makes it safer, just as your body is in a better energetic state after grounding yourself! To raise your vibration is to raise your base line electrical current within your body, to raise your frequency!! The more raise your vibration, the more energy and ability you subsequently possess. Grounding allows any negative or spent current to be removed, creating yet more space for clean fresh energy to fill. Breathe it in, it's free energy at its best!

As you continue to awaken to your true and unlimited potential, you expand in every aspect of being, standing tall and proud in who you are! Your old foundations may not hold up the new version of yourself! It may be necessary to take apart the old to build the new, and whilst doing so be sure to lay new solid foundations. Ones that can hold up the skyscraper you are capable of being. Lay the foundations now, put in the groundwork, do the research, and gather that which you need to assist you in your journey. Yes, you can do it all yourself, but you'd employ an electrician to do your electrics, instead of spending the time to learn this yourself. This principle is also true for our personal development. Never sell yourself short again. I know your true worth and potential, as I have finally accepted my own, after years of work and personal development. I know we are all one and the same, aspects of the same self!

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