Inner Child Healing, Soul Connection, Global Ascension Guided Meditation.

awakening Apr 18, 2022

This is the most powerful ascension journey ever delivered to humanity and must be treated with respect.

Please only take this journey if you are ready to ascend and share with your fellow ambassadors of love and light.

Let us, here and now, create a brighter world for all. A world we can be proud to call home! We are here as many, with one single goal. The liberation of humanity from itself. Team universal consciousness evolution!

As an ambassador of light you are tasked with delivering this important ascension message to all your fellow brothers and sisters of light! Once this transcendental ascension journey has been received by the entire lightworkers collective, the portal to a new reality will open before your very eyes. Your entire existence has lead you to this very moment.

As one of the divinely guided 44,000, we thank you for all you do for the greater good. Thank you for choosing to come to Earth, to be here in this time of tremendous change. As an ascended master here on Earth, it is your mission to help shift the collective consciousness of humanity and the entire Universe itself. There are no words to describe how grateful we are for all you have done for the collective so far. We honour and admire you for your bravery for continuing to shine your light when there is so much darkness all around. We pledge our very existence to the cause and give ourselves in completion to you and all fellow ambassadors of light.



We salute and love you.

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