The Answer Is Always Love!!!

love Apr 26, 2022

No matter what the question, the answer is always love.
Please take a moment out of your busy schedule to read and embody this beautiful truth.
The sun shines and does so equally and unconditionally. When we love in this way we experience the love that we are in completion. If the sun stopped shining its light towards certain people it didn't like, it would not be the sun. It would negatively effect us all and lower the enjoyment and experience of life.
By shutting off your love for the "Karen's" of the world, you are stopping yourself feeling the love that you are.
Love is the light that is always within you and should be shared equally and unconditionally.

Thank you infinitely and eternally, for simply being you, from us all.
Love is the glue that binds us all. To limit your love to one other person, is to limit your ability to experience love to that one other person. Love is like sunlight. The sun is always shining, we just lose sight of this truth from time to time due to our personal perspective and attachment. The sun shines it's light equally and unconditionally to everyone everywhere! Love is best expressed and experienced in the same way.
I love you all equally and unconditionally.
Kain Stromberg. 🧙‍♂️

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