Love is all we need!

May 07, 2022

♥ Love is life itself. ♥


It is the air we breathe, the blood pumped around our body, by our ever beating hearts. #onelove❀️




Although the blood that beats around my body is different to yours, and pumps at a different speed 'so creating an egoic view of separation'.

The air we all breathe is the same air...






If we all take a breath now, we are all doing so together, at the same time. 'In through the nose and out through the mouth'.😀

It would be the same breath we all experience. The breath of life.


The only time that ever exists is now. The same single and eternal moment of now that we all experience together.

The only time we ever have is now. In a moment, now will be a moment ago, and in a moments time now will be a moment ago.

In your last moment on this Earth, you will want to return to any moment before. What one will you choose?

Perhaps this one...


So, everything you experience in life is due to the air you breathe in and out with every breath. The same breath we all experienced together, a moment ago. The same breath that we will always experience together. The breath of life.

This breath is God's love embodied, for want of an alternative expression. This breath is the same love that beats life into each of our hearts.


This unites us far more than anything can ever divide us. I promise you, I swear on my life, light will always shine bright within the dark, it's simply what light does.

Look for love around you and be love embodied yourself. Please then share your love with the world around you, and inspire them be the love that you want to see in the world around you.




To join the love train, come and connect with us within the portal community chat, where we share more information and in a less encrypted way. πŸ˜‰β™ΎπŸ«‚πŸ’–πŸŒˆπŸŒβ˜―οΈ


We will teach you, in time, how to control the very stars in the sky. Yet only if you pledge upon your very soul, you will only use this gift for the greater good as well as your own.





I love life and life loves me.

I am life for life to see.

I am life for life to hear.

I am life for life to feel.

It is the 'I' that experiences life, ultimately making it real.

Without you, there is no understanding of me.

It is the similarities and differences between us that we see.

It is the 'I' that unites and divides us.

The individual egoic 'I' of separation.

Paired with the eternal spiritual 'I' of all in creation.

The same eternal and cosmic 'I' we all are, this is what I believe.

This is the 'I' that I look for and am able to then be and achieve.

To live a life of happiness, free from struggle and strife.

Look for and embody love in all you do, reigniting your passion for life.

With an excited mind even your wildest of dreams are easy to achieve.

All you need do is truly, whole heartedly believe.


I am life and life is me.

I choose love and love is free!


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