New moon ritual and overcoming rising fears¬!

Apr 02, 2022

During the new moon ritual Friday night I returned to my natural state of flow for the first time in months.

I started flowing through and rhyming some truly beautiful poetry all about life and its meaning. I wanted to record it to share it with you and as soon as I had that thought the flow was no more.
I felt scared. Stage fright froze me in my tracks. I felt anxious over recording a video, something I've done 1000s' of times over the past few years! But why?
It became clear to see that it was an irrational fear of success that stopped me. It had surfaced to be seen.
I used the most powerful tool we have to centre back into our heart centre, the breath. After several minutes of breathing I felt cantered again, but still not grounded fully. I realise now that I rushed into wanting to record the flow through (I Have all the time in the world. If not in this life then the next. None of it really matters always. We're here to experience the experience, in whatever way we choose for ourselves)…
During this recording I flowed through some beautifully divine information, but I could still feel my mind trying to be part of it all. Its desire to understand everything in the world, or control what it doesn't.
When we get out of our own way...
That's when the real magic happens:-)
Fear isn't real and just as I did here we can all learn to overcome fear and control our emotions. These are the sorts of learnings that we should all have been thought growing up, but we weren't. So, its our responsibility to re-educate ourselves and live in honour to our inner child, the you that felt unsafe at some point in the past and learnt a way to feel safe. Be it, eating, drinking, fighting or playing small!
It's because of all my struggles, or more importantly overcoming them, that I am the man I am today. I created the inner transformations and liberations within myself. I did this by always choosing love and facing ever irrational fear in life head on.
This is why I can offer you this same freedom from the pains of the past and fears of the future. 
It all starts and ends with you and without you there's noting at all. Well, not as far as you know!
Let me know what you think.
Always and forever, Kaine

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