Sex Sells

Apr 08, 2022

Sex is incredibly sacred and should be treated with the deepest respect.

When entering into a sexual embrace, focus on what you can give over what you can get.


So many of us seek out a feeling of completion and worth in the arms of another.

Aimlessly looking to connect in mind, body, and soul to someone we can call our lover.


When two minds, bodies, and souls come together in love and merge in unity.

There is no earthly experience quite like it, 100% authentically naked and free.


Free from all limitations, ambitions, fears, and the internal voice of repression.

Perhaps distracting ourselves in the arms of another human will ease our depression…


Well, yes, perhaps the external connection will create a distraction from the issues within.

Yet through my experiences I’ve discovered that unconditional self-love is where it all begins.


To love and be loved in the same unconditional way is incredibly rare these days.

To start developing this unconditional self-acceptance and love, treat life a game to play.


A game to be enjoyed for the simple pleasure of playing the game.

Not something that must be won or thought of in vain.


Ok, are you familiar with the voice of repression that seems to reside within us all?

The one that tries to tell us that life’s against us and we’ve already been set up to fall.


‘What if they don’t like me, think me sexy, or desire me in that way.

What if I’m not good enough for them and get replaced the next day.’


Look, if you go through life seeking validation or approval in the arms of another;

You’re setting yourself up for a world of pain, as you may have already discovered.  


Please don’t give yourself away so frivolously in the pursuit of external appreciation.

To discover the inner-truth that you’re already more than enough is a lifechanging realisation.


The love and feeling of completion so many seek can’t be found outside the self.

It’s not something you can earn, learn, or acquire, and its never found on a shelf.


When you feel love for another person, you feel that love within you not them.

So, then isn’t it your love you feel for a loved one or dear friend?


Love can be seen and felt for another person yes, and you should always allow it to be.

But never give ownership or control of your love to another, keep your love free.


When you learn to accept yourself fully, completely, and unconditionally as you are.

You can start upon a life changing inner journey of discovery, to become your own lover.


A journey that will see you love yourself more and more with the passing of each day.

As only when you love yourself unconditionally can you love another in the same way.


Then comes the real magic and a sexual embrace that will shake you to your very core.

Sex is the closest we come to unity one, something magical and exciting, never a chore!


When two souls become boundaryless, formless, and fully merge into one,

This is how a sexual connection should be, lifechanging, liberating and so much fun.


That moment of liberation when there is nothing and nowhere else to be.

All fears, worries, desires, and expectations, simply cease to exist and you are free.


Free to do whatever we feel like, free to just be the authentic me.

Oh, how I cherish the days when I feel completely, whole heartedly free.


Nothing should be treated too seriously in life; with all obstacles we encounter simply being something to overcome.

Like completing a boss level in a computer game, we learn and grow from it; levelling up with each victory until eventually life’s game is over and won.


Become your own source of happiness, inspiration, completion, love, and sensual healing.

Then you can have a connection with another soul at the same depth of love you are already feeling.


I love you just as you are. Kaine

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