What Is Enlightenment. Ascension explained.

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What Is Enlightenment. Ascension explained.

I'd say my definition of what could enlightenment could be and how achieved is as follows...

 Enlightenment is to live in a state of full acceptance within the light yet to exist in completion within the light you must first face the darkness within, for it is there where you shall find those lost parts of yourself. The parts created during past conflicts or traumas which your subconscious mind keeps hidden from you, doing so as it believes it is protecting you from harm. The parts that once uncovered and integrated back into the whole will bring you into full unity, one consciousness.

I have gained access to all the information, tools, knowledge, and techniques needed to actualise these changes in yourself. To bring about inner completion and with-it full embodiment of your truest self and greatest life in all ways. As you are still reading this it shows me you are ready to do the work required to create these changes, and I am so excited to be able to share and help bring you the changes you desire.

To align you with your greatest life, one that is beyond even your wildest dreams.

A life filled with peace, passion, purpose, vitality, excitement, positivity, joy, love, and an excellence in all you do! Everything you need to align with your truest self and greatest life is within you already, all we need do is uncover it and integrate it back into the whole.

I know the power and transformational abilities of the work I do as I have used it all myself. I was once 210lb of muscle fuelled by hatred and anger, a hatred for the world and everything in it. Once I stopped looking outside and looked instead within, I was able to create the internal changes in myself that have brought me to this very moment. From undertaking the challenging and, to be honest, scary inner work, my view of the world and therefore the world itself changed in ways I did not realise were even possible before.

The healing of this world will not come about through healing another person, but by the healing of yourself.

Where once there was fear, anger, and hatred now there is love, peace and a joyful acceptance of all that is. I live in full actualisation of the blissful and abundant version of myself in all aspects of life, and I am here to bring you the same truths!

Every event thus far was required to lead you to this very moment, and it is in this very moment of now that you are choosing to create the changes needed to achieve your dreams in life. The inner work is the hardest thing you will ever do, yet it is the most rewarding and life changing thing you can ever do.

Together we will create your greatest life in all ways, but only if you are serious about change and doing the work required to achieve it. If you are ready then let us create your dream life, starting NOW. I am with you all the way. Now and forever, we are in this together, united we stand and together we rise!

My qualifications and training range from NLP practitioner, Life Coach and mental health awareness qualified; to Reiki energy, Chakra and Aura healer. I have a lifetimes of knowledge and experience, plus the depth and clarity of connection to source is on a level of my own!  #togetherwerise

Kaine Stromberg, 

Kosmic Surfer,


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