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Quantum-Level Life-Coaching


Kaine is unlike anyone else I've ever met. If you’ve not come across Kaine before then you’re in for a treat.

By day Kaine works as a Rapid Personal Development Coach, Content Creator, Podcast Host, Author, and Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, to list just a few! By night he works energetically behind the scenes, helping to co-create a brighter world for all. Kaine’s vision and life’s purpose is to lay the foundations for a world of true harmony to be built upon. One where all people from all places, all colours, creeds, and races all enjoy a life full of happiness, health, love and wealth.  

Everything Kaine does is grounded in and comes from a place of love.

The reason his unique style of coaching is so lifechanging is because of the love that he infuses into his work. When working with clients he creates a safe and sacred container to do the inner transformative work within together. The sessions focus on removing all limiting beliefs and negative emotions. Then, and only then can you reconnect back to your true self and the unconditional love that we are all able to connect to and live our lives within. 

Honestly, the transformations Kaine can create in every aspect of your life are beyond what I’ve ever experienced before, and I've had the honour of working with some truly amazing people throughout my life.

Kaine believes that it is within the darkness of the mind that we find the hidden treasures needed to set ourselves free from the pains of the past and fears of the future. “The answers you seek are within, all I do is guide you to discover the truth that already resides within.

If you would like to evolve in mind, body, and soul: if you would like to start living your best life today, book your free call with Kaine. I promise you it’ll be the best decision you ever make.

You will never meet another soul quite like Kaine. 

 Kaine is the face of the ‘Kosmic Surfer’, creating spiritual awakening and ascension content housed on YouTube. He is also the voice behind the ‘Mainstream Meditation’ YouTube Channel. He is a world class poet, author and podcast host who is continually working towards creating a brighter future for all lifeforms upon this beautiful planet we call home. 

His depth of understanding, wisdom, and connection to the divine is like no other. He is driven by his desire to create happiness everywhere he goes and manifests everything he does from a place of unconditional love for all. 

His understanding of universal energy and his continual dedication to the creation of a brighter future for everyone makes him the true embodiment of the divine masculine. He will guide you from wherever you are upon your awakening journey all the way to inner completion, unity one consciousness, and a state of enlightenment.

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Christine Singsaas

✨Divine Channel, Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Reader, Light Worker, Starseed

Indescribable and Amazing

Indescribable and Amazing. So far, I have worked through most of Kain’s grounding course and have had one individual session with him. The growth and expansion that has occurred as a result, in less than a week, has created a monumental impact in my life for the better! The awareness and clarity, along with the peace and self-love are truly indescribable. I encourage anyone who feels drawn to work with Kain to do so! Having the experience to connect and learn from Kain is truly a gift. He is an amazing coach! I am so incredibly grateful that I can do this work with such an amazing soul like him!

Manuella Watts

Creatrix of Love, Beauty and Abundance; Twin Flame Ascension Guide

I am deeply grateful for doing my soul work with Kain. After many years of struggling with clearing fear and anxiety subconscious programs on my own, having his guidance was priceless. His calming and protective energy allowed me to dive deeper than ever before to quickly identify and remove blocks. His exceptional NLP and intuitive skills granted me the KEI to confidently surf my inner troubled waters and transcend it to a still body of water that can now better reflect the beauty of cosmic lights of Love. Together we rise, united we stand.

Maggie Fromm

Life Coach, Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Leader.✨

Over these past few weeks, I have been working with Kain and it has been transformative. He has a beautiful connection to Source and is very in tune. We have been doing timeline therapy to help heal various limiting beliefs in my past and his guidance has been incredible. I feel so grateful to have been connected to such a beautiful Soul with such amazing gifts. My life has definitely improved since working with him and I feel my energy is clearer and lighter from letting go of old energies. He is authentic, professional, and truly gifted. If you're looking to seriously change your life, contact Kain! I look forward to continuing on this human journey with you, Kain. Thank you for all you've assisted me with! xoxo


Become a true Manifestation Master and create your dream life in all ways.


Learn the truth to reality and how to use it to your advantage.

The ancients knew about universal prana life force energy and utilised it to their advantage. How else do you think the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids to such precision and mathematical accuracy?

It is my honour to Finally bring you the opportunity to do the same. It is NOW your time to rise. To learn how to master the energy that is all around you and create the world of your dreams. Benefiting all living beings on Earth and beyond!

The only question now is, how much do you really want it?


United We Stand &

Together We Rise.

Join us in creating a brighter future for ALL.

A world we can be proud to call home! Created by us, for us. For us all. #onepeople

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My unique style of inner completion and soul evolution sessions, that I have developed and perfected over the years, will re-connect you to your truest self and that feeling of completion that so many people are missing in life.
After completing yourself with yourself you will no longer requiring another's appreciation or approval, nor will you need to buy or achieve anything external to make yourself feel happy.
I will provide you all the information, tools, knowledge, and support that you need to actualize your dream life. To bring about inner completion and with-it a full embodiment of your truest self and greatest life is what I do best.
The fact that you are here and reading this shows me you are ready to do the work required to create these changes. I am so excited to support you in creating your dream life in all ways!
A life filled with peace, passion, purpose, vitality, excitement, positivity, joy, love, and an excellence in all you do is yours to create! Everything you need to align with your truest self and  greatest life is within you already. All we need do is uncover it and integrate it back into the whole.