The #1 Selling Spiritual Awakening & Ascension Course.


This is the most enlightening Spiritual-Mastery course ever created for one simple reason.

It has been lovingly created through Divine guidance.


Everything you will see, hear and feel within this course has been channelled directly from the Divine source of all things.


This incredibly unique Energy Mastery Workshop has everything you need to start manifesting your dream life today. Nothing in today's world comes anywhere close to the depth of information and transformational wisdom within this course.


I have been shown that this training, when used and practised mindfully, is what will tip the balance in todays dance/fight between the dark and the light. That is why it's being shared with the world now. 


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Thank you for staying focused on the bigger picture of global liberation, and for holding light & love in your heart. For doing the somewhat difficult, lonely, dark and heavy inner work required to evolve within yourself & as a result evolve and level up the collective consciousness of Humanity and the entire Universe as a whole. Thank you 1000 times over.


Everything we do within the ambassadors of light family is for a greater good. 


We are here to assist in the evolution of Humanity. That is why we have created this platform and all the life-changing content housed within.


All the funds that we receive will be used to set up the Global Humanity Charity. Once funded and fully operational, the charity will be very unique. Our feet on the ground tactics will make sure the money raised reaches these who need it most.


We are looking at the bigger picture. The long term and only real way to save our entire species from extinction.


So, our focus is on education. Most importantly the education of the next generation.


This is how we end all war, deal with global corruption, and put a stop to all the unnecessary evils around the world.  We educate children through the education of their parents. We teach about how to deal with all the things that schools will never teach. Things like emotional intelligence, healthy mind, and body practices, to energy channelling and healing, and even the ancient wisdom written in the stars (which is what you will learn inside the community platform).


Your purchase of this course will not only empower and change your life. In time it will





A brighter future for all! One built from and governed by LOVE.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart and with my entire soul for all you do and for simply being you. I stand beside you, here to guide and support you throughout your journey of inner discovery. Forever and always connected by the love that we are. ❤


Love is the foundational frequency of the Universe.

It melts away any and all layers of illusionary separation. Returning us to our true frequency of being, and the truth that we are love embodied. We all come from one singularity, returning to whence we came only once we've collectively embodied the truth. The truth that we are all one and that it is love that unites us all.

Together, here and now, we are building a new world, a brighter future for all and we need your help to do this!

Building a brighter world for all can be likened to building a house, or perhaps a castle... a king-queen-dom, (dome/bubble) of love! One of true equality, for all Kings & Queens. This is built from bricks, (we the people) and the cement (the glue that binds us) that is Love.

This love starts from within.

Each person complete with themselves, coming together to co-create a global united love.

So join us in love and connect to your soul tribe the other side of completing this world changing Energy Mastery Course.


As well as the Energy Mastery Workshop you receive lifetime access to our Patrons Family chat platform...

'The Awakening and Ascension Portal'

Usually priced at £11.11p/m. This is where we share all the information that is too much for the general public. This is where you will meet your soul tribe and where the real magic happens.

We love you and bow in honour to you. We are here to serve the collective and invite you to join us in living a truly Divine life.



Certification of Ascension 

Gain a certification in Energy Mastery and join the Ascension Family.

Invest in your Success

This course will change your entire life. All you need to do is take it!

Peace Of Mind

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If you are looking to live the life of your dreams, then you simply must take advantage of this course. 


Be prepared for your entire life to change in such a fundamental way that you will struggle to believe the shifts you have created within yourself. Your dream life awaits you the other side of this world changing self-mastery workshop!

It is YOU that will create the everlasting changes Humanity so desperately needs and deserves. The changes that start and end with you. So, will you answer the call? Will you dedicate yourself to the evolution of Universal Consciousness? Will you do the work required to be the change you wish to see?


Learn the secret & ancient teachings written in the stars, and discover how to unlock the door to your dream life in all ways. This phenomenal online training will teach you how to alter the very fabric of reality.







The ancients knew about universal prana life force energy and utilised it to their advantage. How else do you think the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids to such precision and mathematical accuracy?

Throughout this Energy Mastery training I will teach you the same techniques that Jesus used to turn water into wine, and the inner wisdom the Buddha used to become enlightened.


It is a true honour to have been gifted all this information and I so excited to finally be able to share it with you.

The only question now is, how much do you want to become the master of your own destiny?


Everything in existence is is energy.

Learn how to Master Universal Energy the easy way!


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It all started from a single point in time and space. The Universe excitedly exploding in existence, in exploration of itself. 


Separating itself into infinite different versions, across infinite different realms of existence. Each separate aspect of the Universe part of a greater whole, just as all the parts of yourself make up you!




What's the point and purpose to life? Most importantly, how do we find completion and inner peace? 


It's rather simple actually. The purpose is simply to exist. To live in alignment with who you are at your core. 


That version of yourself is within you now. The life of your dreams already exists. All you need to do is learn how to become your truest self. Your highest and truest self.


You will learn this and so much more within this life-changing course.


Everything you have experienced so far in life has lead you to this very moment, and it is right here and now that you decide the future you will experience!


So what life do you choose to live? One of true happiness, abundance, and joy in all ways. Or, the same old life you've been living up until now.


Change requires change! So, will you make the changes needed to live the life you dream and will you do so today?


The choice is in your hands. To make it as effortless as possible follow the link below to claim your place on the Self-Mastery training.


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As I raise my baseline vibrational frequency I raise the collectives, and as the collective raises, it raises me.


To create the changes we desire in the world around us, first we MUST create those changes within.


We are here to help guide humanity back home to love. We need you to join us in our quest of global liberation for all, and as always it all starts with you.


To ensure there is no Soul left behind we have created a very powerful, FREE, training that ensures everyone is able join us in doing their inner work today. The full course will take you beyond the stars, and if for any reason you are not ready to invest within yourself to that degree yet, PLEASE use the link below to take advantage of our FREE 'How to raise your Vibration' online training today.


From my heart to yours. Now and forever, we are in this together. United we stand and together we rise! All my Love, Kaine.