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A Journey Home to Love

Within this sacred and safe container of unconditional acceptance, love, and support; we will learn, laugh, live, love and let go of everything that no longer serves us together, as a group of likeminded souls, all here on the same mission

We are so excited to announce that we will be opening the next safe and sacred group container November 22. So we advice that you secure your place today! 

Within this beautiful space will meet in person (on zoom) once a week to enjoy a 2 hour weekly live group session. As well as connecting daily (if you want to) within the private group chat to share our experiences, and to provide feedback and support regarding the mid-week video lessons we will send you.

We've set this lifechanging 8 (+4 bonus weeks) journey up as a course so that we can provide you as much information to you in the easiest way possible. As well as this we’ve split the exchange over two months to make joining as effortless and accessible as possible.


Just a little of what to you'll receive
• A full reconnection back home to unconditional love
• Bonus 1on1 sessions
• Weekly group sessions
• Daily group connections
• Bonus midweek lessons
• Personal reading & healing
• Bonus Online workshop signup
• Private group chat
• Bonus pre-start learnings
• 8 weeks+4 extra weeks


When you sign up today you will receive instant access to all the bonus ‘pre-start video lessons’, as well links to book your ‘introduction Tarot Reading & Energy Healing session’ with the amazing Monet today. All this information and links will be sent to you via email, as well as being accessible within the 'course' found within the ‘My Library’ section of the platform.

Weekly live tarot readings & healings, daily gratitude and mindfulness techniques, morning routines, intention settings, accountability exercises, and access to our Inhouse ‘Grounding into the Power of Now’ Masterclass, are all part of what you can expect to receive within the group calls and throughout the week.

As we are always looking to give as much as possible we will be keeping the container open for a further 4 weeks after completing our 8-week journey together. The extended 4 weeks is so we can provide you further support and aftercare, something very few coaches or guides ever seem to do!

It is the energy that we will all bring and hold within this safe and sacred space, as a group, that will ensure the inner awareness, shifts, and awakening all take place. We will also ensure all your learning become fully integrated with a very powerful integration bonus video session in week 10.

So, where a lot of coaches’ charge £Thousands for an 8 week, meet once a week container, providing very little to no mid-week or after care. We are going above and beyond to ensure you receive maximum results for minimum effort and investment. We are not even asking for £1k as an exchange and you get not 1, but 2 world class coaches to guide you all the way back home to love.

This is the most lifechanging opportunity that we have ever created and we are so excited to open and have you join us within this beautiful, safe and sacred space.

We are providing you with SO MUCH, at such a low cost, because we all deserve to live a life of true happiness, prosperity, freedom, and love.

Allow us the gift of working alongside you, to align you with your truest self and best life in all ways.

The life of your dreams is literally a click away!

See you on the inside.
All our love, Kaine & Monet



If you would like to know what guidance, learnings, and support you will receive during the weekly group sessions and mid week video lessons...

There is a full weekly lessons' breakdown below.


I personally feel into a decision to see if it's right for me. Others like to read though information before looking to make a decision. Where others still like to hear about a proposal and go away to think it over before making a decision.

Which style of decision making strategy do you use?



Every week we will introduce a new morning routine or build off the last weeks. This will provide you a very good starting point to create your own personalised morning routine once we've completed our 8-week journey together.


  1. Discovering your view of yourself and place in society. 

-Discuss polarities and masculine feminine VS energies.

-Talk about what love means to you, attachment styles and the law of attraction.

-A guided hypnotic journey to reconnect you back to your true self-worth.

-The power and Beauty of the breath

-An introduction to grounding

-Your dreams, goals and desires realised.


  1. How to achieve our goals in life.

-Discover the 10 pillars to a happy life.

-Taps VS drains and the importance of who you spend your time around. 

-Energetic cord cutting and a full energetic rebirth inner guided journey.

-Who do you believe you are? Personal evolution talk.

-The power of gratitude

-Private 1on1 healing and reading


  1. Understanding the subconscious mind.

-The 3 minds and 4 bodies explained.

-Discovering your timeline

-Negative VS positive internal dialogs.

-Creating boundaries and living your life your way!

-The importance of language and the ‘I AM’ you speak

-Let go of stress guided meditation


  1. An introduction to Bio hacking.

-Raising our vibration and energy levels as a group

-Finding common ground in all situations

-Your view of yourself in society shifted.

-Connect to your future self, hypnotic guided journey

-Chakras, what they are and a full cleansing and energising.

-Bringing together everything we've learnt so far.

-Private 1on1 reading and healing


  1. Evolving in mind, body, & soul

-Revisiting and understanding your limiting beliefs and removing them.

-Introduction the heart centred breath. 

-Building on our daily gratitude and grounding practices.

-TIMELINE THEROPY. Removing your most limiting negative belief.

 -Bringing together everything we've learnt so far.

-Pillar of protective white light


  1. Talk about fear VS love

-A group discussion about love, what it is and what it means to you.

-A journey back home to love. Fear removal ‘Timeline Therapy’ journey.

-Divine Masculine and Feminine activation and balancing meditations

 -The best morning routine you’ll ever use


  1. This week is all about self-love. 

-What shifts have you noticed already?

-Discuss the inner child and its defence mechanisms.

-Father and Mother wound healing

-Self-love activation & embodiment

-THE DEEP WORKS. Inner child healing and reconnection hypnotic inner journey. 

-Revisiting and recreating your boundaries.

-Private 1on1 check in session


  1. Unconditional Love

-What does the word love actually mean!

-Embodying the frequency of love.

-Best self-love practices

-INNER AWAKENING. Unconditional love activation hypnotic timeline therapy.

-Revisit the 10 pillars to a happy life and check in with yourself

-Lock all the information and transformations in place

-Integration timeline therapy journey. Perhaps the most important journey of all!-


  1. Continued daily connections.

- Creating a vision board.

-Continue to learn, grow, and share together.

-Deep Dive, understanding the nature to our reality

-Daily morning routine remixed


  1. Grounding into the power of now

-signup to our ground-breaking online masterclass to use in your own time and space


  1. Higher-self connection

-Higher-self connection and activation guided meditation.

-Closing private 1on1 session

- What have you found most useful so far?


  1. Inner Completion

-Revisit taps VS drains. What shifts have you made?

-Creating new boundaries going forwards

-Full inner completion timeline Integration Journey


16 Check in and Feedback

A group check in to see, feel, hear, and know all about the amazing transformations we’ve made in our lives. Talking over what we are all creating now and focused on going forwards

We will also go on some very powerful inner journeys together to ensure all your learnings and realisations become fully integrated into every fibre of your entire being.