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Learn how to ground and protect your energetic and physical bodies.

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Within this first of its kind, life changing training, we have brought together countless lifetimes of knowledge and wisdom.

The team have worked together to bring you all the beautiful and powerful information within this online training in a way that is easy to learn and start using straight away.

The importance of grounding and how to practise and perform these simple but powerful techniques yourself are just the tip of the iceberg of wisdom houses within this grounding course.  


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Lightworkers United


Use coupon code 'FAMILY' to claim your 33% off the listed exchange!


Your Soul-Family and the answers to that question that has been wanting to be answered for so long await you within ‘The Portal’ online community.

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Why do it alone?

 We know how confusing, lonely, and scary the awakening journey can be. This is one of the reasons we’ve created this global community. A central hub for all like-minded souls around the globe to come together to support and uplift each other. Yes, your life’s journey is yours to walk, no one else can do it for you, and the best way to live life is in your own unique way (vibrationg at your authentic frequency of self). Yet you don’t have to do it alone…

We are a global community of people that are all on a personal awakening journey. We have all been through similar experiences and being able to share our experiences and learnings within a safe and sacred online space helps us all to learn and grow together.  Sometimes all it takes to understand ourselves, or a situation more clearly, is a change in perspective. 

Each of us is holding a different piece to the jigsaw and when you join this beautiful online community, bringing your personal experiences, information, and frequency, we all get to see the bigger picture more clearly. When we all place our piece of the jigsaw on the table together, we can find the answers we are looking for. The information that might take a lifetime to find alone!


When you are at your best within yourself, you will see and help to effortlessly create the best in someone else. By joining the soul family online community, you will be able to spend your time and energy with people that will remind you daily of the truth that the answers are already within you and the light and love you seek is also found within.




Lightworkers United

The Portal is safe & sacred space to be fully and unapologetically you.

To share your true authentic self, fully & completely.

To laugh, love, dance, sing, and live life to the full in all ways.

A place of love, understanding, support, and harmony for all.

The ascension gateway between this realm and the next.

A database of spiritual wisdom and ascension knowledge, and the only place you'll ever want to be.

Your home away from home.




  • Free access to all our original courses and online workshops
  • 24/7 connect with the entire Global Ascension Family
  • Weekly connections and Q&A sessions
  • Ask and you shall receive - Any topic you are interested in, please ask and we shall create a live workshop, group session, or meditation based around it.
  •  A database of spiritual awakening wisdoms, teaching, soul connection & evolution sessions, and a reconnection to the truth that is found within.
  • We are all at different points in our journey and you are guaranteed to meet people that will help you on your personal awakening journey, as well as others that you can help guide back home to themselves in return.


When you join you'll receive your access codes to the family of light community chat platform, all our original online workshops and courses, links to our twice daily live meditations, and invites to weekly group session.

Plus, access to the ‘behind the scenes’ section of the platform where we share all the more controversial material. 


 All our sign ups, purchases, & sessions come with a 30 days (egoic peace of mind) guarantee.


Once you've signed up we suggest you start with the 'Anxiety Freedom' training before using the amazing 'How to Raise your Vibration' Self-Mastery class.

These two Masterclasses will give you the perfect foundation to start to build forward and upward upon.


We look forwards to see and connecting with you inside the portal and can't wait to hear all about the amazing journey you have been on so far in life.


Any questions or requests, please ask and it shall be done.

So, say I & So it is!





What People Are Saying:

I am deeply grateful for doing my soul work with Kain. After many years of struggling with clearing fear and anxiety subconscious programs on my own, having his guidance was priceless. His calming and protective energy allowed me to dive deeper than ever before to quickly identify and remove blocks. His exceptional NLP and intuitive skills granted me the KEI to confidently surf my inner troubled waters and transcend it to a still body of water that can now better reflect the beauty of cosmic lights of Love. Together we rise, united we stand. Now he has created this beautiful platform for us to all talk. I am so sure we will make the world better for everyone.


All this is gifted to you A million miles of thanks, gratitude & blessings to the INCREDIBLE Kain Stromberg for his divine and heaven-sent talent, skills and gift. I am humbled and honored to be writing this glowing review after having experienced a life-changing regression healing session. I was a winner of his holiday Instagram contest & I could not have asked for a better gift to start my New Year! Planning and setting up a session was simple & Kain communicated with me the entire way through—all while supporting me with real-time chat/voice messages, which kept me calm, at ease & prepared for what was to come pre/post session. In our session together, I felt comfortable, like I was talking to a friend who I've known for many years who was truly concerned for my well-being. Kain understood me—he listened, he was cool, calm, collected, kind and humorous when time and circumstance permitted. Kain created and held space for me, all while allowing me to share my deepest, innermost conflicts & Truths. Kain assisted me in mind-shifting, reprogramming & releasing many of the negative thoughts/beliefs that I had been holding onto about myself for almost two decades. Working with Kain allowed me shift & create more mental and emotional space in myself, so that I could move forward in my life with joy, love, forgiveness, compassion and understanding towards the people, places and things that were extreme obstacles for me. WHAT A GUY! Before, during and after our scheduled time, I felt seen, heard, cared for and most of all, LOVED! After my 1st session, I was already starting to feel more alive and put into practice all the things that I worked on during my time with him. I am grateful, blessed, honored and excited to be continuing my work with Kain. If you feel or know you have emotional/energetic blocks that you've been holding on to & are preventing you from living your BEST LIFE, I can guarantee Kain will be able to assist you in breaking down and releasing anything that you've been holding on to. He is fully committed to your success! If you are truly serious about letting go and healthily re-integrating your past, so that you can live a better present and move into your future with confidence & LOVE, reach out to my soul brother, Kain Stromberg. On top of his highly recommended one-on-one sessions, Kain offers an entire library of supplemental videos and tools across IG & YouTube to assist you through your process. There's healing space for everyone, when your riding "the wave" with Kain Stromberg aka, the Kosmic Surfer! I believe in Kain—I wholeheartedly know he believes in me & everyone that he comes in contact with—he's honest, down to earth & REAL! If I could give Kain more than a 5-star review, I'd give him an entire GALAXY! Let this review be the one that supports you in fully believing in yourself & your abilities enough to go on and work with Kain Stromburg aka Kosmic Surfer!

The King

Superman How can I possibly put into words how grateful I am for this amazing soul, Kain Stromberg. He has changed my life in insurmountable ways beyond measure, time and space. To say this man is a Saint is an understatement. He is the epitome of the Divine Masculine in all ways. He is stronger than Superman yet incredibly gentle at the same time. He created a place where I felt safe enough to open up by making me feel safe and protected but then was gentle with me and made me feel understood in ways no other person ever has. Kain is by far the most influential person I have ever met in this and any other lifetimes. Such a small investment on my part yet I feel like I won the lottery with what I have received in return and we have only had a few sessions. Kain has helped me find my truth, my light, my infinite unconditional love that forever burns brightly in my soul. Kain I see you and I love you forever and always

Chelsea Tuckwell

After years of growth and expansion into higher levels of Love, it was my fear over a life changing decision that left me stuck and unable to move forward in love and freedom. Kain Stromberg entered my life in a Divine way coming forth with an intuitive and loving guidance. After just a few sessions he was able to instinctively tune into my emotional blocks and help guide me to cut cords with old programs no longer serving me. I'm truly amazed at how much was accomplished in just two sessions, and I eagerly await with excitement in how the rest will unfold. I feel Kain is greatly gifted in helping those who want to reach higher levels of beingness. You can always choose to go higher as there is no limits!

Susan J Witt

A true life surf instructor! “Pure love and light, Refreshing, energizing. Guiding and taking you to new heights. A bright light in the storm. Riding the waves will forever be more magical! There truly are no words to best describe Kain. You just have to experience him for yourself! I am forever grateful I have the chance !


I recommend having a session with Kain. He is creating a safe environment for transformation. He makes you feel safe and supported in your process and can help you move through limited beliefs. We worked together on removing my limitations and blockages around abundance. After just one session together I was blown away at the changes we created. I am now working full time dream as an energy healer and life coach.

Christine Singsaas

I just finished watching and listening to your course. Wow! I’m speechless. You are so Angelic! Thank you so much for helping to remember about my abilities, about my truth and my power. I can feel your energy, it is so pure and vibrant. I could feel how much you really care about rising the consciousness of humanity and the amount of love you’ve put into yourself, this course and all of your words. You are making huge impact. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate you. I see you. Namaste.


Kain is a true embodiment of ♡LOVE♡ &☆LIGHT☆ He is an extraordinary talented & gifted healer who carries with him the knowledge and wisdom needed to help you move forward no matter where you're stuck. He offers real, practical solutions modalities for healing yourself and he pays extra close attention to listening to you when you speak. So that he is able to better serve you by finding the right solution for your needs. He offers a calm, welcoming vibe and space where you feel safe to be yourself and open and honest. I had the privilege to do some shadow integration and inner child work with Kain a couple months ago. At first I was skeptical and unsure of what to expect or if this type of work would yield any tangible results for me as I had already tried other modalities in the past that didn't produce the results I was hoping for. But after only a couple of sessions I began to notice a shift from deep within. Like some old patterns and energy had shifted and I was able to get in touch with my innermost self to recieve the messages that she had for me to help aid me in healing past wounds. It was deep because it allowed me to get to the core or root of my pain so that the healing process could finally begin.. This was the shift that was needed to help me be able see the path and the work that needs to be done in order to become my best, most authentic, happiest, whole, and actualized self. I'm very grateful for Kain and for this opportunity to become whole.

Sabrina Pellegrini