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We have created a first of its kind, never before seen online course.

In this lifechanging training course I bring you all the information and techniques needed to break yourself free from the repression of anxiety forevermore.

If you want to join me in living your greatest life in all ways. Simply take advantage of this incredibly power yet easy to use course and start living your life your way again. Do it today!

Ask yourself, do you want to be free from anxiety and the limitations it puts on your entire life? How much do you want to break free from the choking grip of anxiety? What would you be willing to give to live your dream life, one free from anxiety?

Instead of spending money trying to cover it up with medication or hiding from it by going on a fancy holiday or days out, invest in what will work and free you for good! This course is the best investment you have ever made. Free yourself today!

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Spiritual Awakening ~ Remastered Teachings!

Use coupon code 'LEADER111' TO CLAIM 50% off the listed exchange!


Thank you for doing your inner work and stepping forwards as an Official Ambassador of Light. 


As well as receiving our 'Spiritual Awakening, Energy Mastery' flagship course, you will receive lifetime access to the patrons only monthly subscription section of the site (usually £19.99 p/m).

Included in 'The Portal' family chat signup you will gain access to all our original courses, the private family chat platform, entry to the back stage area of the site (kept for those deeper dives down the rabbit hole), and invitation to join us in the weekly group lives.


What's included:

  • The Best Spiritual Course Ever Created 
  • Continual Support Throughout and After. 
  • Connection to Your Soul Tribe within 'The Portal'
  • The ancient and mystical knowledge that is written in the starts. All delivered in an easy to utilise and very beautifully created training course!
  • 30 Day Monet Back Guarantee, for Ego peace of mind!


Here are just a few of the many powerful topics covered in this cutting-edge brand-new course.

-The truth to being an empath & how to use it to your benefit.

-Learn to control your feelings & emotions.

-Full Chakra balancing and energising.

-Escape the past & create your future today!

-Take back what is yours. Reclaim your energy.

-Escape the Matrix & live in the 5D.

-Learn how to raise your vibration and why it's so important!

-The truth to the law of attraction.

-Personal empowerment techniques.

-Experience unconditional love.

-Learn how to fully relax and switch off from the stress of life!

-Beliefs dictate your life. Believe you can or believe you can't, either way you're correct.

-Learn how to choose you!


A hop, skip & jump to your life of freedom in all ways! 

I am so excited for you to see this information and hear all about the inner-evolution that the course will bring you.

I know the techniques in the training work as I have used them myself as well as with my clients. With some truly outstanding transformational results.

This course will create the perfect conditions to allow you to manifest the life of your dreams.

Complete your purchase of this life-changing course today. Invest in yourself by taking this online training and set yourself free from the limitations of the Matrix forevermore. No one else is going to do it for you. So, if you don't do it, it will never get done!

Give yourself all the information, tools and techniques needed to break yourself free from the 3D and join your soul tribe in 5D today!


I understand how scary it is to make an investment in something without being 100% sure it will work. That is why all our products and services at Ambassadors of Light come with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

So, if the cost is now the only thing holding you back then worry not. We will be more than happy to set up a monthly payment plan that is fitted to your needs. We want to make sure that you can take advantage of this lifechanging course today.

After completing the course, you will gain back 1000 times the energy you put into it. This is simply the way the universe works. You get back what you put it. It is why We have been so successful in life and why we know you will be too.


I am so happy and excited for you. I can't wait to hear all about your success and the life of true happiness you are living the other side of completing this course.

All my love and support,





What People Are Saying:

So powerful and cleansing. I underestimated how much information would be in this course and must say it is the best thing I have ever purchased. It is unlike anything I have ever experienced and has profoundly changed my entire life. I can't recommend this course highly enough!


This course is the perfect place to begin your manifestation training. It thought me how to use the law of attraction, how to heal myself and others and how o live a healthy and spiritual life. Learn to live mindfully instead of having a mind that is full of things from the past. If you are new to spirituality or you've been on your journey for may lives, there will be information and techniques in this course you'll never have heard. Kosmic Kain is a brilliant light in this world and someone who brings positivity, excitement and upliftment to all. The meditations and energy protection techniques in this course are ones i have been using daily. If you are ready to step out of you outdated views and limitation, become the creator of everything in your life, and raise to new levels of existence, you simply must take this course. As Kain Says, "as I raise I raise the collective, and as the collective raises it raises me. I've done he work and I'm so glad I did. All my love, Annie

Annie Blackwood

A million miles of thanks, gratitude & blessings to the INCREDIBLE Kain Stromberg for his divine and heaven-sent talent, skills and gift. I am humbled and honored to be writing this glowing review after having experienced a life-changing regression healing session. I was a winner of his holiday Instagram contest & I could not have asked for a better gift to start my New Year! Planning and setting up a session was simple & Kain communicated with me the entire way through—all while supporting me with real-time chat/voice messages, which kept me calm, at ease & prepared for what was to come pre/post session. In our session together, I felt comfortable, like I was talking to a friend who I've known for many years who was truly concerned for my well-being. Kain understood me—he listened, he was cool, calm, collected, kind and humorous when time and circumstance permitted. Kain created and held space for me, all while allowing me to share my deepest, innermost conflicts & Truths. Kain assisted me in mind-shifting, reprogramming & releasing many of the negative thoughts/beliefs that I had been holding onto about myself for almost two decades. Working with Kain allowed me shift & create more mental and emotional space in myself, so that I could move forward in my life with joy, love, forgiveness, compassion and understanding towards the people, places and things that were extreme obstacles for me. WHAT A GUY! Before, during and after our scheduled time, I felt seen, heard, cared for and most of all, LOVED!

Brandon, The Chief

Indescribable and Amazing So far I have worked through most of Kain’s grounding course and have had one individual session with him. The growth and expansion that has occurred as a result, in less than a week, has created a monumental impact in my life for the better! The awareness and clarity, along with the peace and self-love are truly indescribable. I encourage anyone who feels drawn to work with Kain to do so! Having the experience to connect and learn from Kain is truly a gift. He is an amazing coach! I am so incredibly grateful that I can do this work with such an amazing soul like him!

Christine Singsaas

Stop what you are doing right now and make the choice to invest in yourself and your bright future by joining Kain's Greatest Version club. This was by far the best decision I have made in my life so far to join the club and do the work with Kain. I have been working with Kain for a couple of months now and my life is almost unrecognizable compared to before. I used to suffer with unbearable physical and emotional pain, PTSD, addiction issues and anxiety. Kain can remove all of these things and so much more and help you replace them all with love with is the answer and the key to everything. Your life will change and be even greater than you can even imagine right now all you have to do is let Kain be your guide and show you the way. Kain is by far the most monumental and important person I have had in my life that helped me find my true self and to feel truly confident and radiant in my own skin. This man is a King of Kings!!! Kain I love you always and forever xoxoxo

Chelsea Tuckwell

Be grateful for all that is, was, or ever shall be, and express this verbally, as well as writing it down. The creation of a daily gratitude journal created one of the biggest shifts in my ability to achieve all my dreams in life. It all starts with you and being grateful for what you already have allows for more of the same to be experienced. This is the law of attraction in simplistic terms. Filtering and removing the fluoride from your water, as well as using a fluoride free toothpaste will instantly raise your vibration and decalcify your pineal gland (your third eye Chakra). Fluoride speeds up the calcification process of your pineal gland, effecting your ability to see the truth clearly. Upon my journey these two simple techniques were by far the most powerful ones in raising my vibration. Thank you Kain. This course changed my entire life “Energy Mastery 111”

Jess Hitter