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From the tiniest seed grows the mightiest tree. 

Alone in the darkness it begins to grow with persistence towards the light. It does this naturally and without thought. 

A tree never wonders if it's good enough to grow, or even how to grow. It just grows towards the light, as that's what trees do. In doing so, it provides shelter and sustenance for countless lifeforms. The beautiful thing is this is simply a secondary result from the tree living in alignment with its purpose of being, which is simply to grow towards the light. 

Your purpose is the same - to grow towards the light! 

Society has convinced Humanity that the light is outside themselves, and that by growing externally towards the quest of material achievements, possessions or connections. That we will find what it is our hearts truly desire, unity within ourselves. 

The light you seek is not outside you my friend, but within! 

The light within you shines brighter than even 1000 suns and when you focus your gaze internally, it's clear to see the truth of who you are and why you are here. 

The light within you shines continually, never wavering. We simply lose sight and a connection to this truth from time to time. 

Join the Ascension Family and learn how to reconnect to the truth of who you are. Become fully self-sustained and able to shine your light through even the darkest of nights. This after all is who you are! 

The secondary result of this is that you become a beacon of inspiration, helping guide others lost within the fog of the matrix back home to themselves. 

Become an Official Ambassador of Light and help us in co-creating a brighter world for all. 


Remember you get back what you put in. All you need do is put in the time and effort needed and you will achieve your dream life. All for just £33.