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Spiritual Awakening ~ Energy Mastery

Everything in existence is made of energy, vibrating at different frequencies.

We all know that your vibe attracts your tribe!
Learn how to master Universal energy and you will master life.
“This is the most powerful course ever created for one simple reason. It is made using brand new, never seen techniques and information that is received during deep trance-like meditations (channelled from the Divine). This course will teach you in an easy to understand and utilisable way, the very fabric of reality and how to use it to your advantage.

Learn how to control the energy that is all around and inside you to create your dream life in all ways”.


The Awakening & Ascension Portal 

 The Portal is gateway between this realm and the next. Between the physical and the astral! 

This online community has been created for one simple reason. To provide a safe and sacred space where all those here to help co-create a brighter world can unite as one.

This is a place of love, understanding, support, harmony, unity and endless learnings.

The Portal is a database of spiritual wisdom and ascension knowledge, and the only place you'll ever want to be.

Included in your monthly subscription is access to a library of workshops, trainings, teachings, lives and group sessions.


Grounding Into The Power Of Now 

This amazing online self-mastery training will give you all the information you need to enjoy life for the gift it is…

Within our life changing grounding course, we have brought together countless hours of research as well as experiential knowledge and wisdom. We will cover the importance of grounding along with how to practise and embody these simple yet powerful techniques yourself. This training masterclass will ground you into the GIFT of the PRESENT moment, the only time that ever really exists being NOW.
This training course will teach you everything you need to know too truly live happy, abundant and free.


Learn How to Ground ~ Free Training 


 Grounding is an easy to learn and use technique, that will reduce stress and help you to reconnect back to yourself and the beauty of the world around you.

It can be done as part of your morning routine as well as throughout the day whenever you feel disconnected from yourself.

This easy to use Free online training will provide you with the perfect foundations to build your dream life upon.

It's time to start enjoying life again!


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The 5 Steps To Freedom ~ Live Happy 

You were born free and you will die free!
Learn how to live the rest of your life the way you were born to be, free!

Anxiety used to cripple me. It took away all my time, energy, and enjoyment in life. One day I decided enough was enough and started upon a lifechanging journey of learnings and personal growth. I learnt how to set me free from the negative effects of anxiety and I now offer this same freedom to you!

This truly incredible online training will free you from the pains of the past and fears of the future! Learn everything you need to start living your best life today!


Anxiety Freedom ~ Free Training 

Anxiety be gone!
Welcome to this easy to use, yet incredibly transformational, FREE, anxiety reduction training course.
We have combined our extensive background in Neuro Logistical Programming, Mental Health Awareness, Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy, as well using divine guidance & wisdom received during deep trance like meditative states of consciousness...
I remember how debilitating anxiety was and that's why I've created this free course. I learnt how to free myself from anxiety and now I bring this same freedom to you. It’s my goal to help free as many souls as possible from the negative effects of anxiety.


33 Days  Access

 Positive changes won’t just happen on their own! 

 They will happen because you create them yourself! Through learning and doing the inner work needed to set yourself free from all the limitations and blockages in your life, you can live the life of your dreams!

If you would rather not become a fully-fledged member of awakening family yet, you can still join us as we continue to change the world for the better, together. You will gain access to all the content within our platform with full 33-day access. That's only £1 a day!

-The Portal Chat - How To Raise Your Vibration -Anxiety Freedom - VIP Access Codes - Private Group Session Access


VIP ~ Backstage Access

Take a look behind the scenes and discover how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

Within the VIP area of the platform you'll find a collection of extremely deep and powerful videos. As our gift to you, we recommend you start by taking the 'Anxiety Freedom Free Online Training' first and then moving onto this series. I highly recommend the 'NEGATIVE SIDE TO THE LAW OF ATTRACTION' video.

This backstage pass will give you a really good feel for the depth of wisdom found within our more advanced online workshops, as well as the type of information we share and 'THE PORTAL' Family Chat. If these are the sorts of topics that gets your blood pumping 'The Portal' is the place you want to be.


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