Within this life-changing group container we will guide you upon a journey of self discovery, understanding, acceptance, integration, and evolution.

Starting on 12/12/22, more info below...


If love is something you've been running away from, or trying to chase after, then we invite you to join us on the journey of a life-time. A journey back home to your true self. Back home to true unconditional self-love.

Monet & Kaine welcome you with open arms, minds, and hearts, into this safe and sacred container of unconditional acceptance, support, and love. Within this beautifully powerful and supportive group container we will embark upon the most important journey you will ever take. We invite you to join this beautiful group of likeminded and open-hearted souls, as we learn and grow together. Reconnecting back to your true self-worth and love is much easier and more enjoyable with guidance from people who have done it themselves and as part of a group of likeminded people. This is the perfect opportunity to make the changes needed to start living your most joyful, abundant, and loving life today. When you sign up you will join others from around the globe who are on similar stages of their awakening and self-realisation journey. There is the option to connect daily within the group chat, as well as weekly within the live group sessions. This way we can support, inspire, and uplift each other as much or as little as we each want. Join the soul family you didn’t know you have and have not yet met, as we journey together, all the way home to love.


This is your call to action, an invite to join us as we embark on this lifechanging 8-week adventure together. 

The next group container will open on 12/12/22 with our weekly sessions taking place every Monday at 18:00 UST/GMT - 13:00 EST. As well as our 2 hour weekly group sessions, we will connect daily within the private group chat to ensure we provide you the most powerful transformations possible. Secure your place today to receive bonus prestart learnings and online workshops today. 

To celebrate life, and the launch of this sacred container, we will be adding a further 4 weeks of extended trainings, weekly live tarot readings, bonus workshops, and continued daily accountability check-ins.

Once you decide to join this beautifully powerful group of likeminded souls, we will be connected (if you choose to) for life.

Yes, I want to raise into self-love today.

 Unconditional love is timeless and formless, without prejudice or any form of control.

 When we discover the truth that the love we feel for another person is the love we feel within our self, it allows us the opportunity to realise that we don't need to seek another personas approval or love. When we fully accept and love ourselves, we are free to give and receive love in the same way to others.


Love is the air we breathe, the sun we see, and the ground beneath our feet. It is the blood that beats around our hearts and the glue that binds us all.

Deep down, under all the layers of separation and protection, behind all the programs and belief systems, we all want to feel that which we are, LOVE. As we all know deep down it is 'One Love' that will set us free.


This is a very powerful and beautiful truth that changed the way I love Forever.

The happiness and love you feel towards another person are felt by you, within you, yes? So, therefore it’s your love you feel for them, not theirs. When you love yourself unconditionally, you see others, and allow them to see you in this same way. This is due to the law of attraction which is one of the many topics we will cover during our time together. This is the sort of simple yet incredibly powerful information we will share through the entirety of our journey together.

'Bonus week 10' houses some the most transformative and important information of the entire journey, with an integration timeline journey that will fully and completely lock in place all learnings gained over the whole journey together. This reflects the depth of wisdom we will share and our continued commitment to your inner transformation and souls’ evolution.


So, today is your chance to be the change you wish to see. #ibelieve

Yes, I Want To Raise Into Love

The way we see it is how we perceive and thus believe it.


So, you can either create yourself as a victim in someone else’s life story or the creator of your own. 

Which one you choose is up to you!


Monet and I have more certifications and qualifications than we care to share  they are only egoic labels anyway). It’s our first-hand personal experience and our depth of connection to the divine that really puts us in such a beautifully supportive position of guidance, support, upliftment, and transformation. We are honoured to be able to guide you forwards, as we journey together as a group of likeminded souls, towards your dream life in all ways.

We have both lived in the darkness, feeling completely void of love and taken our own journeys back home to self-love. After all, what use is a guide if they have not walked the path themselves!


Secure your place today and join us as we journey together, within this safe and sacred group container, back home to the truest, most loving version of ourselves.

I ask that you really take the time to think this over and feel into what version of your life you want to live. I can see that you are on the same path of inner discovery and transformation as we are and I guarantee that by the end of this lifechanging journey together, you will never look at yourself or the world around you in the same way again.


So, are you ready to connect back home to your truest and most authentic self in all ways?

Are you ready to raise into love with life?


Yes, I choose Love, I choose Me