There are countless meditation and mindfulness apps, online content and course creators, private community and support networks, and an endless stream of information at the click of a button.


Never before has all this been accessible in the same safe and sacred space.



After all personally experiencing the often lonely, confusing, and scary awakening journey ourselves; we have combined our skillsets, wisdom, experience, and healing abilities to create the first of its kind spiritual awakening global community. Once part of the family you will receive all the guidance, support, trainings, meditations, and talks you could ever need, to create your best life today.

If you are on an awakening journey yourself, and previously felt unsure where to turn next, we invite you to join 'The Ambassadors of Light' online community. Within the App you will be able to connect with, and journey along side other likeminded souls from around the globe.

 Inside the community platform you will gain instant access to our online courses, coaching packages, and the family chat and support platform. We have already helped countless people from all over the globe better understand themselves and live a more enjoyable, abundant and peaceful life.


We would love to hear about your awakening journey all the learnings and transformations you've created in your life already! This is why 'The Portal' is such a beautifully powerful community. We all share what we've learnt through our own experiences, plus what has best helped us to raise our vibration and create a more joyful and abundant life for ourselves and loved ones.


The awakening journey can often leave us feeling completely lost and alone, unsure where to turn next, or what is even going on. We have all been there, which is why we've created this safe and sacred home away from home. It's a soul family kind of vibe and definitely not for everyone! 

If you feel like you're different to a lot of the world, the black sheep in your family if you like. If your feeling lost, alone, or misunderstood; we would like for you to know that you are never alone. There is an online community of likeminded souls, spiritual awakening teachings, and constant global support, all at the click of a button.


The fact you are reading this is not by coincidence. It shows that you're in exactly the right place at precisely the right time. You've used the law of attraction to call in meeting your soul tribe and the universe has answered.


Our inhouse team of guides, healers, coaches, and content creators are here to support you on the most beautiful, confusing, important and lifechanging journey any of us ever take.

Once signed up, please introduce yourself within the family chat platform. By all sharing our passions, information and ideas, our global community can learn and grow together 1000x more than doing it alone. This is how we all realise our true inner worth and greatest potential in all ways. 


Just picture the world we can all co-create when we come together in this same unique and beautiful space. All shining our light of attention upon the same future vision. A world governed not by fear, but by Love. #onelove. 



Lightworkers Unite, Join The Tribe


Workshops, Group Sessions, VIP Access


Evolving Mind, Body, & Soul


Invest IN LOVE 

This 'Journey Back Home To Love' is the most important one you will ever take!

Live as the most aligned, connected, and blissfully abundant you.


All the answers you seek are already within you.

Monet & Kaine have helped guide 1000s of people create their best life by guiding them on a journey back home to love. Unlock your true potential and live a life of happiness, abundance & love today.

Together they are some of the most gifted guides and spiritual channels on the planet, but they are still just guides. It is after all your life, your journey to take, and your decision to make.

Join a group of likeminded souls within a safe and sacred container of support, acceptance, understanding, and love. 

The life you know you're here to live awaits you the other side of the most beautiful, important, and lifechanging journey you will ever take.

Click the link below to discover more and to join us within the next group container.  

A Journey Back Home to Your True self & Unconditional Love

As with everything, it is entirely up to you...


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Become your own source of happiness, inspiration and love. 


Join us within our weekly LIVE group sessions where we discuss everything spiritual awakening. Meet and connect with people from around the world and embody the truth that you are never alone.


Access to these group lead 1-OFF sessions is included in your subscription to 'The Portal' or on a donation bases. Give what you feel guided.

Enter your details below and we will send you all the information, and zoom link, for the next group call.

Spiritual-Awakening Teachings


Daily Live-Meditations 


The Red-Pill Podcast




When you live a soul-led life, it is as if you are living in heaven on earth.

Learn the ancient secrets to the universe and follow your internal guidance back home to yourself.

Everything is energy. Become an energy master!

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So How Do You Escape Anxiety, Stress & Worry?


There are many ways to break free from the crippling effects of anxiety.

Healthy diets, healthy mindsets, limiting the amount of caffeine or alcohol you ingest, limiting the amount of sugary or fatty foods that you intake, going about exercising, seeing friends, having healthy positive affirmations and mindsets, creating a diary of your thoughts, etc.


The most powerful tool of all of them is meditation.

Meditation bypasses the thinking mind and enters you into a state of acceptance. This helps you to just experience whatever it is your experiencing without wanting to control or change it.

It is all very well and good saying, ahh just meditate...

So instead, within our series of 'Personal Freedom' online workshops I'm going to teach you some very short, simple, and powerful techniques that will break you free from the negative effects of anxiety forevermore.  


In life we can only do things that we have the information and tools to be able to do...

Give somebody a fish and they eat for a day, teach them how to fish and they eat for life. By me inspiring you I empower you for a day, by teaching you how to inspire yourself, you're empowered for life.

I'll give you the key, the key to unlock the door of infinite potential within. It is up to you to use that key to open the door to your freedom. I'm with you all the way.

We have created a first of its kind, anxiety freedom online training. 'The 5 Steps To Freedom' will change your entire life in a deeply profound and positive way.

I know investing in anything when anxiety is weighing you down is not easy. So we have created a FREE anxiety reduction online training course for this very reason! The course is designed to give you daily tips, tricks, and techniques that you can start using today. All you need do is click the link below and dedicate about 5 minutes a day to your own mental wellbeing.

If you're not prepared to do this, there's not a lot anyone can do to help you escape the crippling effects of anxiety!



Meet The Founder


Kaine has dedicated his entire life to making the world a brighter place for all.

He is the FOUNDER & creator of the Official Ambassadors of Light Movement; the Director of GreatestVersion.club; and one of the original chairs & practitioners at The Unguarded Warrior Global Retreats. 

Kaine is a very passionate and talented Content Creator and naturally gifted Spiritual Awakening Guide. He’s a Soul Evolution Coach, a poet, author, podcast host and a true Visionary Leader.

Kaine believes in a world of true harmony and equality for all, which is why he has spent the last 3 years of his life creating this global community platform and all the free content included.





For all your Spiritual Awakening needs...


If your are not quite ready to invest in one of our online Masterclasses or Groups Session Packages, enter your details below to claim your free copy of our advanced 'How to Raise your Vibration' Online Masterclass. 

The Divine Masculine Is Awakening

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The 'Spiritual Awakening' journey is magically life-changing beyond belief. That said it can be confusing, lonely, & challenging at times, to say the least. That is why we've created this safe and sacred online space. A place for like-minded & open-hearted souls to connect, reflect, learn, and grow together.

When you join us within 'The Portal' private family chat you also receive access to a treasure chest of online trainings, courses and workshops. We also hold group guidance, healing & happiness sessions and daily live meditations by request. "There's nothing quite like a meditation created especially for you!"


Never again will you feel lost or alone!


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