The Portal is safe space to be fully and unapologetically you. To share your true authentic self, fully & completely. A place of love, understanding, support, and harmony. The perfect place for all your spiritually needs.


The ascension gateway between this realm and the next.


A database of spiritual wisdom, ascension knowledge, and the only place you'll ever want to be. Your home away from home. 

Thank you for choosing to be here in this time of great change and for your continued dedication towards raising the collective vibration. As you continue to expand your consciousness, you increase the collective consciousness of Humanity and the universe as a whole.

Thank you for staying focused on the bigger picture of 'global ascension' and for holding light & love in your heart. Thank you for doing the somewhat difficult, lonely, dark and heavy inner work required to evolve within yourself &everything else. Thank you 1000 times over.


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The Portal has been well over a year in the making now, and in truth, it will always be evolving, so it will never be complete.

So, with that said, it is with the deepest feeling of appreciation that I can excitedly announce the official opening of 'The Portal'.

This spiritual awakening and ascension one stop shop, and the global charity that it will one day create (with your help), asks that with an open mind and an open heart you take my open hand and join us inside The Portal.

The charity, once funded and fully operational, will be extremely unique. Our feet on the ground tactics will make sure the money raised reaches those who need it most. We are looking at the bigger picture. The long term and only real way to save our entire species from extinction...

So, our focus is on education. Most importantly the education of the next generation.

This is how we end all war, deal with global corruption, and put a stop to all the unnecessary evils around the world. We teach the children living in war-stricken nations that the cycle of war doesn't have to continue. Just as we teach our own nation's children, out on the streets, that violence only creates more violence. As well as highlighting the problems, we provide the solution. We educate children through the education of their parents. We teach about how to deal with all the things that schools will never teach. Things like emotional intelligence, healthy mind and body practices. Through to trainings such as energy channelling and healing, and even how to understand the ancient wisdom written in the stars (which is what you will learn inside the community platform).

I have created everything within the platform through Divine guidance, 'making it up as I go along'. The egoic 'I' that is Kaine Stromberg, knows nothing about building a website, creating a fully operational social platform, or how to develop and deliver online workshops and courses (to assist in the further education of Humanity). I have been doing as instructed by my Higher Self and this can sometimes take a lot of time, energy, and resources. I have put everything I have into the creation of this safe, sacred and revolutionary place of learnings and growth, love and community spirit. 

I know that with your love and support what we are building together will one day become the go to place for all spiritual beings. The one stop spot for all spiritual awakening and ascension needs.



When you join you'll receive your access codes to the family of light community chat platform, all our online workshops and courses, plus access to the behind the scenes section of the platform.


(I highly recommend watching the recently uploaded 'David Icke Co>!D' video, where I discuss the darker side to the Law of Attraction and the importance of being mindful of your own vibrational frequency. As what you vibrate at you attract from the Universe around you). 

Get all this and access codes to weekly live group calls and exclusive giveaways, all within The Portal 

We cannot do this alone. To change the world, first we must look within and do the inner work required to change ourselves. When you are at your best within yourself, you will see and help create the best in someone else. It all starts and ends with you!

We need you to join us in spreading love, light, and prosperity around the entire globe.

After signing up, please head straight over to the chat to introduce yourself. Tell us about who you are and your awakening journey so far. Share your wisdoms and passions. I'd personally love to know your views on the evolution of Humanity and the link to the Universal expanding. Is it all consciousness created?

We have been busy creating ourselves. There are courses housed on the site that are all part of your subscription. They provide an insight into the depth of knowledge that we, the Council of Light, and the entire Family of Light have at our disposal. These courses must be taken first before access to the deeper levels of information will become available. This is to protect the knowledge that we are gifted enough to have access to. If it falls into the wrong hands, it can be used to do great harm (the world of old). In your hands we know it will be used with love to change the entire world for good (The New World).

Our desire is to enrich your life, as well as the lives of your family and friends. And as those positive vibes radiate out from your heart to theirs, it will eventually reach the entire world. Touching the heart of one person touches the heart of everyone they meet.

The Portal is a safe space to be fully you. To share your true authentic self, fully & completely.

 Claim your FREE 7 day access codes and I'll see you on the inside.


Even if you don't decide to join the Family of Light, please do this for yourself. From this moment on I ask that you practice one simple technique. A way of living that I will teach you all about, in depth, as we go forwards together. A way of making choices and decisions in life that are effortless and benefit everyone involved.


I want you to start to listen to the inner voice that whispers to you in those moments of calm. Not the loud voice that shouts at you, putting you down and trying to convince you that the world is a dark and scary place. Instead, I want you to learn how to listen to your intuition, your inner or Higher Self. The part of you referred to as your soul. As it's your soul that knows the truth of who you are and why you are here! It is who you are and why you are here...

Join us as we Evolve Mind, Body & Soul. Together, Forever in Love.



We are the future of Humanity.


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